Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Raiding - Sigh, I TOLD you we weren't a mythic guild....

Blizzcon is almost upon us, and with so many raiding guildies attending, some in key roles, we were going to have to wind down raiding a bit until it's all over.

However, the last two raid nights we couldn't do mythic - not that I was overly upset, mind you, because that meant we could do mythic + instead.

I think the thing that disappointed me the most was that there were 4 people I said could move from normal to heroic raiding. You think they'd make more effort to show up! Only one of them was showing up consistently, whereas the others had not made any appearance to fill the numbers. Not that they are obliged to, after all, we are a casual guild and we're ok with that, but I better not hear any of them complaining to me about being left out of raid when they couldn't get on to help out when needed!

Monday was partly my fault. I fell alseep and woke up only a few minutes before raid (thanks for the wake up call Sev) and I didn't see an SMS from Sars to say he was going to be late to raid because he left his keys at work. We only had 19 for raid and it wasn't worth wasting an hour wiping if we weren't going anywhere - I'd rather save my flask!

So most of us did mythic plus after and that was more fun. And more AP. And smaller repair bills. Patch is next week so I don't expect much raiding on Wednesday because after a patch everything is buggy and we'll have a restart smack bang in the middle of raid, I'm sure!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fishing mounts galore!

Legion is really rewarding those fisher-folk - I heard there is a new aquatic mount from Darkmoon Faire from fishing using Darkmoon Daggermaw as the currency.

I only just got my Margoss fishing mount - here is an ABYSSMAL picture of me on it!

There, on the right. I was swimming around on the Dalaran fishing island attention seeking with all the other fishing people there who were all trying to get the same thing. This is what it actually looks like....

A shame I won't be riding around underwater that much! I wonder what we will be using all these underwater mounts for... If only I could fish from one of them! Now that would be a cool thing to add to the artifact weapon.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Second thoughts on NOT doing my Prestige till 7.1 and other PvP things

I hit Prestige 1 this week and didn't tick it over because I didn't want to have no talents for arena. However, I am wondering about all the wasted honour this week!

It was made worse because Sev and Kyxyn both hit level 50 and then Prestiged. And so now both of them have no talents but didn't want to waste honour.

I think about how much honour I wasted and it was probably about 1.6 k per day for the last 5 days. And a bit more than that on Friday because we had arenas and things - I could have been at least level 10 by now.

Kyxyn finished Prestige 3 and he got the mount, which actually looks really cool! Now I really want one! It's such a show pony! It even twirls around on it's hind legs and tosses it's head.

In other PvP news I managed to finally mount that drake in the Bareback Brawl.

I did have an unfortunate silly encounter there the other day in Bareback Brawl. I am not a big fan of hitting other players because I'm not that good a player, but I WILL hit back if someone hits me. I don't get cranky about being hit (it is a FFA PvP zone after all, that's the risk you take when you are there) unless the people are dishonourable players who either wait for you to engage mobs and get low health and then gank you, or wait for you to almost kill a mob then kill you and take your kill. Yes, I know that all is fair in PvP but that sorta thing doesn't sit well with me!

Anyway, silly me saw an alliance paladin from Cinder's guild Ominous, so I backed away from them, wondering if they would leave me alone. My mistake! I should have at least had my back facing away from the cliff edge! The run back was a bloody pain the ass! But the cool thing was when I ran back and then went to finish my world quest the dragon was up! So totally worth being punted off the cliff :D

Overgrowth is a pretty cool talent, I must admit. It's the final honour talent in resto spec, and I do use it in arenas a lot. I should get around to writing that post about how my amateur PvP tips and talent selection choices, perhaps when I have more time!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I am a Pridelord!

I have been a bit clueless about my druid artifact hidden appearances, but I did find out that I had chosen the wrong Class Hall progression for my resto hidden appearance. However, I couldn't do much about that until after I had finished doing all my research (as if I will be wearing 2 legendaries anytime soon...) so now that I'm done I have spent my 2k resources on switching the research to the 2 plots of rich soil.

And the boomkin hidden appearance I need to be exalted with Dreamweavers, so not much I can do about that at the moment.

The Guardian hidden appearance drops off Ursoc, and Amayeti got that the other day. Which was kinda cool!

A week or more ago, I was walking through the Dreamgrove and I had a funny emote.

I didn't know what it was so I ignored it.  However, the next time I went out there the emote was there again. I went to google it and found out that it was part of the hidden appearance for the feral druid.

I went through the Feralas gate and went to look for this stone, which apparently you only have 5 minutes to find. Fortunately this one I found without too much hassle.

The next day I got another screech, this time from Duskwood!

I had a bit more difficulty that time finding the stone. I cheated and went to Wowhead and entered some of the coordinates that people had put there and found it.

It was after raid a week later that I got my final screech from the Hinterlands gateway.

I was stressing out big time, running around looking frantically for the stone. I was on Discord and Kyxyn had asked me to come do the PvP world quest and I said I couldn't because I was looking for my hidden appearance. Well. The lack of enthusiasm was laughable!

"Wait, a hidden appearance for a spec you never use?"
"We won't have to put up with you actually PLAYING that spec do we?"
"How could a hidden appearance be more important than helping your friends finish this PvP world quest faster!"

Despite the vast amusement that I was getting a FERAL appearance, I was getting freaked out I couldn't find the stone and was yelling to Aimei/HK to get on Wowhead and tell me some coordinates because I couldn't find this damn stone! Fortunately before he could find the correct page I found the stone and then I rushed back to the Emerald Dreamway and there was Ela'lothen the Moonspirit sitting there.

What was I supposed to do? Was it sit in front of the spirit?

Oh right, sit in cat form!

BOOM! Achievement!

So now I am a fluffy cat in feral form. I have to admit the PvP skin looks really cool, though do I really think I'll get 1000 honour kills in cat form? I doubt it! But I can try!