Sunday, September 21, 2014

OMG this will have to be a guild REQUIREMENT for Frostwolves!

It's no secret that I am excited about Warlords of Draenor because we will see the Orc clan for which our guild was named and hanging around a lot with Durotan, the great Frostwolf Chieftain.

Once upon a time we had a half-joke saying that all guild members should have Frostwolf Howler mounts.  And most of us do.

But I read this on Bubbles of Mischief, from the PTR, and was VERY excited:
I had just completed a common Draenor project in Frostfire when the next one revealed the Ancient Frostwolf Fang: 
"In life, no two creatures will share a stronger relationship than that of a Frostwolf orc and his or her companion wolf. The two eat, sleep, and fight side by side until one or both dies an honorable death. Even then, sometimes not even death itself can stop a frostwolf from coming to the aid of its beloved orc."
This gives you the Frostwolf Ghostpup.

The picture is from Bubbles of Mischief, as I have not done the PTR quest myself, but it is all kinds of awesome. It's a battle pet. It's ADORABLE. And it's a FROSTWOLF.

Need I say more?  Frostwolves, I just have found yet another reason to be excited about the expansion.  BRING IT ON!  And yes, this will be a guild requirement!  The GM has spoken.

Public right to knowledge versus Privacy

I am a bit slow sometimes when it comes to things and last night, someone told me there was some news that was a bit of a bombshell in regards to someone I consider an online friend.  It was a surprise to me, and it made me think a lot about how I react to things when I first hear them.

The person in question came out - not as in came out that they were homosexual or transsexual -disclosing that they were a registered sex offender.  I went to read that person's post about it to see what they had to say about it.  If you're in the WoW community then you would know who I am referring to, but I don't see the need to publicise it further with specific references because this post is about my thoughts on the subject.

The complaint was registered with regards to a child so I was surprised that the offense wasn't listed as a child sex offense which has even GREATER social backlash.  In Australia there has been a lot of clamouring for sex offenders to be listed online so that the public can be made aware of the "dangers" of having a known offender living close to you or working at your local store.  The government of Western Australia has a Community Protection website where "Dangerous and High Risk Offenders" can be searched by the public.  Queensland has recently rejected a sex offenders register, and it is a very polarising topic within the public.

I have not been a supporter of a public register because I know that witch-hunts will ensue once those people are revealed.  They are trying to protect their families, is their claim, which I understand. However, I don't ever think it's right to infringe on someone else's freedom because of your worry about the danger they pose.  There are other ways to take those steps to protect yourself and your own, and I tend to believe if people were truly dangerous, our justice system would have dealt with it. I am sure many people will say that is not the case.

Making this a public register opens all sorts of doors for "other" public safety concerns.  For example, as a medical professional, some patients have the belief they have the right to know if their treating doctors have HIV or Hepatitis. Of course, I disagree with this.  We have Universal precautions in place that protect the patient from infection - and those same precautions protect US from patients who have those diseases.  I treat patients all patients with the same precautions and assume that anyone could have those diseases.  And then what's next - all HIV patients should be some sort of public register so people know who not to have unprotected sex or share needles with them?  You shouldn't be doing that anyway!

What about armed robbery?  Assault? Murder? Does the public need to know these too?  Where does it end?

I went and googled US registry of sex offenders and entered the details of my friend to have a look at what crimes were committed before I made my judgement.  There were no offenses or convictions listed - which corroborated their story.  This is different from Australia where you actually have to be convicted of a serious or dangerous crime to be on the public register.

I won't deny that when I first heard it, I thought of all my interactions with that person to see if they had done anything that would indicated they were dangerous or predatory.  I couldn't think of anything - in fact, that person was rather reserved and I am the boisterous one!  I read their story and immediately thought I could see how the misunderstanding or mistake could come about, and after checking it out to the best of my ability I found that their story seemed to be as it was. Some would say that if I was a true friend I should have believed them at face value, but I don't think there is anything wrong with checking all sides of a story.

There are women out there who cry rape or assault falsely to use as a weapon, but these are few and far between. There are many more real victims than these malicious ones.  But the ones who are accused are forever tarnished.  It's a blight that never goes away.  And unfortunately for my friend, for the rest of their life, they will live with the tarnish, even if no wrongdoing was committed.  And these Americans have made it public, and you can search for it via your area to see what "offenders" are around you.  Ugh, talk about no privacy at all.

If you think back to Christie Golden's WoW fiction, War Crimes, rehabilitation and being given the chance to change, be given a second chance, and be a better person were a big part of that story. This is a little different - my friend has been labelled as having made a mistake and is now paying the consequences of that.  But even if there was significant crime, I think that one should judge from their present and not their past.  Be aware of it yes, but don't let it colour all your interactions, and judge on their current behaviour and attitudes. Though my voice matters little in the big picture, I let my friend know that the disclosure changed nothing between us.  I just hope everyone does the same - and I think for the most part, they have.  Those who didn't - well, I respect their choices but maybe you wouldn't want to have friends like that anyway.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Frostwolves Melbourne Meetup Pic Commission by SleepingFox

I swear I am Sleepingfox's biggest fan, and I couldn't help but want to commission a big artwork from her about our recent guild meetup in Melbourne.  So here it is!

How awesome do we all look!!!  Starting from me in the middle and going clockwise around the table we have:

Navimie, Sevrus, Lushnek, Voros, Lominari, Azadelta, Nathamanz, Jazzbangers, Dragonray, Morzierz, Hyad, Sabrehawk and Zeirah.

Another great piece of work Sleepingfox, thank you so much!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Minipost: See if you can beat THIS killing blow

Maybe you have to be a PvPer to understand.  Or maybe just a healer.  Or maybe just silly.

It takes pure skill to be able to do a miniscule amount of damage and get a killing blow.  Or maybe just pure luck.  Either way, noobfire ftw.  We did wonder how I managed to only hit for 440, surely couldn't be a melee hit.  Licksqt decided that it was probably that they had gotten his health that low and my moonfire ticked.  I guess that must be it.  But I was laughing my head off.

I am excited because Sars has been heavily into arena and managed to play 118 games in one day with his mage friend Lick and is now fully conquest geared and now we can do more arena!  It is very exciting for me because now I have someone to play with :D